Please Note: Effective Monday, 12-23-13, we are changing over to new software which will produce our Oregon Fair Plan Policies.

Premium Payment Options

Besides the improvements in the policy writing software, we are now able to offer a couple of payment options on policy premiums over $200. (In the past, this option was not available.) Depending on the size of the premium, there will be options for a full single payment, a two payment option and in some cases, a three payment option.

Mailing Policies Direct to Insured

We will now begin mailing the Policy Declarations and related forms directly to the insured instead of sending them to the agent for distribution to the insured. Whenever possible, if we have an email address for the Insured, we will send the policy forms and Dec page to the insured as an attachment to an email. (If we don’t have an email address, we will use the US Post Office and regular mail.)Whenever possible, we will appreciate if our agents will attempt to collect an email address for the insured.

Email Agent’s copy of Insured Policy to Agency

We will use email to send the agent’s copy of the policy (Dec Pages and related forms as applicable.) If you prefer, you can let us know and we can stop sending by email and depend on you agents to go online on our website and access any needed information for yourselves. Please let us know if you prefer not receiving an emailed copy of the Insured’s policy.

Credit Card or Debit Card Premium Payments

We now have the option of offering the use of Credit/Debit Card payments of premiums. See the link to use a credit/debit card on our Home page. There is also an 800 phone number for use by people who do not have a computer available.

Online Quotes for Dwellings, Farms and Mobile Homes

Agents who have registered and have online access will now be able to use the Quick Quote feature for not only Dwellings but also Farms and Mobile Homes. We will continue to use the Accord Application for all Commercial policies, and we will be rating those in our office. Agents will not be able to use the online Quick Quote for Commercial Policies.