what we do

The Oregon FAIR Plan Association (OFPA) operates exactly like a small insurance company, writing only property insurance for dwellings, commercial property and farms.  We do not write business directly for the public.  Anyone interested in insurance with the OFPA must therefore contact an insurance agent who is licensed to write property insurance in the State of Oregon.  The agent can obtain a price quotation for an applicant and make application for insurance with the OFPA if agreed upon by the client.

All policies are issued in our office on OFPA branded paper. All applications are underwritten in our office by OFPA staff.  Most newly written policies will require an in-person inspection of the property to be insured which assists us in ascertaining if the applicant meets our minimum underwriting requirements.  This needs to be completed within the first 60-days of coverage.  Prospective clients who refuse or do not otherwise comply with inspection requirements will not be offered coverage with the OFPA. 

CLAIMS:  All claims are handled, investigated and adjusted by OFPA staff.  In most cases we use independent local adjusters to assess the damage and provide a report of their findings to the company.  All claims are settled on an “Actual Cash Value” (ACV) basis, meaning the insured is compensated based on the current worth or value of the damaged item taking into consideration applicable depreciation of the item(s).