OFPA is a “property insurance pool” that was created by statute and is supported by all property insurance companies licensed to do business in the state of Oregon. Insurance coverage is available to eligible property under basic coverage forms at “standard” rates only if coverage is unavailable in the normal insurance market.

NO, the Plan of operations for the OFPA does not allow any vacant property to be written by the OFPA.

OFPA can provide basic insurance coverage for tenant and owner-occupied dwellings and personal property; farm buildings, tools, harvested crops, and personal property; apartment buildings and personal property; commercial buildings and contents. Personal article floaters for specific coverage on jewelry, coins, and other such valuables are not available through OFPA. Personal liability coverage is not available through the OFPA. Theft coverage is also not available through the OFPA.

No. If coverage is available to you in the “regular” insurance market, you are ineligible for OFPA coverage.

Credit history is given no underwriting consideration. Loss history will be considered in determining the type of coverage that will be provided. For example, if you have had multiple windstorm losses, OFPA will provide coverage for fire only, but no wind coverage will be offered unless you have taken steps to avoid future losses (such as replacing a poor roof.)

Yes. Maximum coverage amounts are the actual cash value (current replacement cost of the property minus an allowance for depreciation, wear and obsolescence.) The maximum coverage available under a dwelling policy is $600,000, and $1,000,000 for commercial policies, without purchasing special Facultative Reinsurance. (Higher total limits are available by purchasing Facultative Reinsurance and is arranged on a case by case basis. Special fully earned minimum premiums will apply when Reinsurance is purchased.)

The answer to this depends on the individual property. In some situations the cost of insurance may be somewhat higher, while in others the rates may be comparable to the voluntary market.

Check with at least two insurance companies (or their insurance agents) regarding your particular situation and potential placement in the voluntary market. These insurance professionals should be able to respond to specific questions regarding your situation. If you can’t obtain coverage in the voluntary market, any licensed property insurance agent can assist you in applying for coverage through the Oregon FAIR Plan.

No agent will be “assigned” to you. The OFPA has no appointed agents, so any agent you select would be your agent. You may choose any insurance agent licensed in Oregon, who will help you complete an application and submit it to the OFPA on your behalf. As an advisor, the agent can also answer your questions, address your concerns, and be your representative when corresponding with OFPA. The FAIR Plan is the insurance company, and you can correspond with them directly but your agent is being paid a commission for doing this for you, so you should work through your agent. The premium you pay is not affected by having an insurance agent.

If you are not happy with your present insurance agent, find another agent who will be more suitable. Remember, any insurance agent who is licensed to write property insurance in Oregon can help you place coverage with the OFPA. If you are not able to find insurance in the standard market and your agent is not being helpful, you are able to change to another agent who will be willing to help you secure coverage with the OFPA.

Yes, just like insurance coverage in the voluntary market, minimum deductibles apply. There is a $500 minimum deductible based on the value. Higher deductibles are available and will reduce your premiums.

Yes, but they vary depending on the type of policy and the amount of insurance coverage provided in the policy. You need to review your policy or check with your insurance agent or the FAIR Plan regarding the specific exclusions and limitations of your policy.

As long as the property meets OFPA’s underwriting criteria, OFPA can issue a dwelling fire policy for your belongings. The OFPA does not provide liability insurance and theft coverage is also not available.

You should immediately notify your insurance agent, who will notify the OFPA for you. (In the event that you cannot reach your agent, you may also notify the OFPA directly by completing the Claim Notification form and sending it to the OFPA by email to info@orfairplan.com

Yes. It is recommended that consumers “shop” for insurance each year. If coverage is available in the standard market, it will likely be broader coverage than that which is available under the OFPA and it would be to your advantage to leave the OFPA and return to the standard market. If you can qualify for coverage in a standard market, you no longer qualify for FAIR Plan coverage.

Consider the OFPA policy as temporary coverage. Always continue to shop for other insurance coverage. Different insurance companies have different rules for insuring properties. If you shop, you may be able to find better coverage or similar coverage at a lower premium. Keep your coverage with us while you shop.

Yes, you can cancel the OFPA policy for any reason at any time with proper notice to the OFPA. Once the policy is in effect, the OFPA will retain at least $100 to cover the cost of issuing and handling a policy. The return premium will be calculated based on a pro-rate factor for the time the policy has been in force, but we will retain at least the $100 policy writing minimum premium. Any unearned premium in excess of the $100 will be returned to the insured.

Depending on the size of the policy premium, the OFPA offers a single pay, time pay or 3 pay plan. The two pay plan or three pay plan have a $5.00 service fee for each payment after the initial deposit premium. The premium may be paid with a personal check, an agent’s check, a cashier check, checks from mortgage companies or a money order. (Please note there is a $35 charge for an NSF check. We will not accept a replacement payment without the $35 charge being paid in full, if we receive an NSF check.) On line payment by credit or debit card is also available. Click here for a link.

This web site provides a general overview of the Oregon FAIR Plan. For specifics regarding availability, cost and coverage contact your insurance agent or you may contact the Oregon FAIR Plan directly at:


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