Differences in Conditions

As you likely know, the Oregon FAIR Plan offers only basic coverage via the DP-1 contract. There is no liability coverage, nor is there coverage for perils such as theft or water damage.

Many of you have been asking for ways to provide your clients with more significant coverage to protect their homes. We are happy to announce a new partnership with ACCESS ONE80 which provides a network of insurance solutions, including a DIC offering through Hamilton Insurance DAC.

Access One80 writes this program on non-admitted paper in Oregon, so they do not need approval from the Department of Insurance. Hamilton Insurance DAC is part of the Surplus Lines Association and is approved to transact in Oregon as a non-admitted carrier (see below).

Agents who wish to write with this program with Hamilton Insurance DAC will need to get appointed with One80 Intermediaries Inc (the program administrator), which is a relatively easy process via their website. You will need to have an active Errors and Omissions (E&O) policy and be licensed and in good standing with the State of Oregon. Once appointed you will be able to submit policy applications via a portal and One80 will send the quote directly back to you.

With this option, Hamilton Insurance DAC will match the coverage limits offered by the FAIR Plan and basically “wrap” it into a HO-3 with liability, excluding the perils covered by the FAIR Plan. Please visit the “Access One80” website for further information.

Any questions may be sent directly to One80 Intermediaries Inc.

W: https://accessone80.com/

access one80

Staffing News

Our Senior Underwriter of 45 years, Debra Nielsen, has announced her retirement from the Oregon FAIR Plan to be effective December 30, 2023.  Debra started her career with OFPA on May 17, 1978!  She is an invaluable source of information and has been a key figure in the success we have had as an organization.  We wish her well in retirement, and sincerely thank her for her many years of service to both the company as well as the entire state of Oregon.   

While we are sad to see Debra leave us, we are equally happy to announce that Kari Barros has been hired to take her place as our new Senior Underwriter.  She started with us on Monday, December 18th.  Kari comes to us with an extensive background in the insurance industry, having started her career as a licensed agent in the State of Washington.  She transitioned to the Company side of the business working with Oregon Mutual Insurance, where she spent 9 years working as a Personal Lines Underwriter.  For the past year, she has been working as a Commercial Lines underwriter.  With this background she is suitably prepared to take over the reins from Debra and is doing all she can to absorb as much information as possible from Debra before she leaves.

Please join me in wishing Debra well, and in welcoming Kari to the FAIR Plan!

Debra Nielsen
Debra Nielsen (foreground) is training and imparting her vast knowledge to our new Senior Underwriter, Kari Barros.

April Update

Policy Limits Change Effective May 1, 2023

Good News Agents!  The Oregon FAIR Plan is increasing the maximum coverage limit on all policy lines offered, which includes Dwelling, Farm and Commercial Building coverage.  The new maximum limits accepted without additional underwriting approval is as follows:

DWELLING AND FARM:  $600,000 (up from $400,000)

COMMERCIAL BUILDING:       $1,000,000 (up from $700,000)

We are happy to make this change as it will allow us to be accessible to more Oregonians who are facing difficulty in obtaining home, farm or commercial building insurance coverage in the standard market. 

For risks with values in excess of these newly published limits, you may contact our underwriting department as they may be able to negotiate facultative reinsurance to cover the excess limits.  In these cases, please call our general phone number, 503-643-5448, and ask to speak to an underwriter. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Effective June 1, 2023

A general rate increase of 15% for all lines of business has been approved by the State of Oregon.  While none of us like to see an increase in rates, we are proud of the fact that this is the first rate change we have taken since 2015!  This change is necessary and will help us keep pace with an increase in claim frequency and ever-rising costs associated with building materials and the construction trade in general.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Premium Payment Options

We are now able to offer a couple of payment options on policy premiums over $200. (In the past, this option was not available.) Depending on the size of the premium, there will be options for a full single payment, a two-payment option and in some cases, a three-payment option.

Mailing Policies Direct to Insured

We will now begin mailing the Policy Declarations and related forms directly to the insured instead of sending them to the agent for distribution to the insured. Whenever possible, if we have an email address for the Insured, we will send the policy forms and Dec page to the insured as an attachment to an email. If we don’t have an email address, we will use the US Post Office and regular mail.  Whenever possible, it is helpful if our agents will attempt to collect an email address for the insured.

Email Agent’s copy of Insured Policy to Agency

We will use email to send the agent’s copy of the policy (Dec Pages and related forms as applicable.) If you prefer, you can let us know and we can stop sending by email and depend on you agents to go online on our website and access any needed information for yourselves. Please let us know if you prefer not receiving an emailed copy of the Insured’s policy.

Credit Card or Debit Card Premium Payments

We now have the option of offering the use of Credit/Debit Card payments of premiums. There is also a toll-free telephone number for use by people who do not have access to a computer.  See the link to use a credit/debit card on our Home page.

Online Quotes for Dwellings, Farms and Mobile Homes

Agents who have registered and have online access will now be able to use the Quick Quote feature for not only Dwellings but also Farms and Mobile Homes. We will continue to use the Accord Application for all Commercial policies, and we will be rating those in our office. Agents will not be able to use the online Quick Quote for Commercial Policies.