Insurance agents are paid 10% commission on all new and renewal policies.

The average insurance premium for OFPA policies is relatively small. In order to eliminate having to issue many small commission checks, the OFPA only pays commissions to our agents quarterly. The commission checks will be produced and mailed approximately one week following the end of the quarter.

These checks will cover all policy premiums produced in the past quarter. Any policy endorsements which affect the premiums will be picked up and accounted for in the quarterly commissions paid. If a change occurs late in the quarter, past the cutoff date, the commission for that change will be accumulated and paid on the next quarterly commission payment.

The commission checks are issued electronically and come to your office by mail. If you need to have some support data for these commission checks, you may sign in to your agency policy list on this website and see the detail of the commission check you received. (If you have not registered for access to your agency’s policy listing, you will have to first register and receive instructions and a password for accessing your agency’s policies.) Please click on Agent Registration

The commissions and policies to which they apply are listed on the website by quarter. You will also be able to print a report which lists the policies and commissions paid by quarterly.

The OFPA does not issue commission checks below $15. If the accumulated commissions for your agency are below the $15 threshold, we will accumulate the commission’s payable until the next quarter, or until the commissions payable equal or exceed $15.

Please note that our commission check must be cashed within 30 days. Please make every effort to cash these checks within the 30 day period so you will not have trouble with your bank honoring the payment.

Unearned commission on canceled policies will be adjusted quarterly, when we calculate commission payments. At the end of each calendar year, agents will be sent a bill for any unearned commissions still owed to the OFPA.