New agents

If you’ve never (or “it’s been years” since you’ve) used the Oregon FAIR Plan Association (OFPA), you may have questions about how to get started. Within OFPA’s website, we have included Frequently Asked Questions, our Underwriting Guidelines, our Basic Application, and Supplements for the application. Following, we will advise of the basics steps to apply for coverage through OFPA.

OFPA has no Agents

The OFPA does not appoint any agents. However, any agent who is licensed to write business in Oregon, can write insurance with the OFPA. No licensed agent, although licensed to represent one or more member insurers of the OFPA, shall hold himself out as an agent of the OFPA or have any authority to bind any risk for the OFPA. While, you may have a responsibility to assist individuals in applying to OFPA, you don’t want to even imply any binding authority for OFPA. When assisting individuals in applying for OFPA coverage, you actually serve as their agent, not OFPA’s.

Getting the Application Started

1. Review the Application Instructions (page 1 of the application.) The type of property will determine which application needs to be completed. In the Application Instructions, you will also note that for Dwelling property, you must complete the cover page (page 2) Application for Insurance and the Basic Property Application (pages 3-6.)

2. Note that OFPA does not supply Applications. You can print them from this website or call us to request a copy of an application. We will send you a REPRODUCIBLE copy of the Application Instructions, the cover page Application for Insurance, the Basic Property Application, and the Application Supplement for Wood Stoves. We accept the Accord Commercial Property form, if fully completed. For Farms and Mobile Homes, please use the Dwelling Application.

Now What?

1. Read the Application Instructions and the Basic Property Application.

2. The cover page (page 2) Application for Insurance must be completed. Note the need for two photos (front & rear) of all structures needing coverage and for the appropriate full annual premium.

3. The Basic Property Application must be completed.

4. If necessary complete and attach a copy of the wood stove questionnaire (pdf document).

5. Note that all application parts must be completed. Incomplete applications will be declined and returned to the agent. Make certain that all questions are answered correctly and completely. Make certain that the applicant realizes that his/her answers are material to the Oregon FAIR Plan’s coverage eligibility decision.

6. Note that the earliest possible effective date of OFPA coverage is the day following OFPA’s receipt of a completed application, with photos, and the full estimated annual premium, (or a deposit premium if payment option are selected).

When can I expect to get the Binder?

The Oregon FAIR Plan does not issue binders.

When will I get the Policy?
If the application is complete and the amount of coverage requested appears to be appropriate, the policy is normally mailed within 5-7 working days. Delays can be caused by incomplete applications, lack of additional required documents (such as a wood stove questionnaire or copy of a fire service contract), or requested coverage limits which appear to exceed actual cash value.

If you need immediate proof of coverage due to a closing or refinance, please attach a request to the application form. Provide the name and fax number of the person or company to where you want a copy of the policy sent. Provided we are able to issue the policy, a copy will be faxed or emailed within two business days of receipt of the application.

Will I be paid a Commission?

Although you are not an agent for OFPA, when submitting applications to OFPA (you are the applicant’s agent), we will pay a commission to any resident licensed agent. For all properties, the commission paid will be 10% of the earned premium.
OFPA’s commission checks are:

1. Payable to the agent or agency per the information given OFPA on the application.

2. Issued at the end of the quarter following OFPA’s issuance of a policy or “positive” premium-affecting endorsement.

3. Mailed to the agent or agency. If you need a copy of the Agency Commission Statement please call or email OFPA to request one.