We do not provide a “homeowners” package policy (which would include Liability & Property coverage under one policy.) We write only the very basic perils of Fire, EC and VMM on an ACV (Actual Cash Value) basis only, with no replacement cost coverage. The policy is written using the DP 0001 (10/2004) coverage form.

We can provide both building & contents coverage with limits up to $600,000 total value. Higher limits are available through the use of special facultative reinsurance and the cost of the facultative reinsurance is included in the total policy premium. If facultative reinsurance is used, and the policy is cancelled for any reason prior to the normal 12 month policy period, there will be a separate Fully Earned Minimum Premium for the facultative reinsurance portion of the premium, in addition to the normal pro-rate earned premium.

All 1-4 family dwellings, be they owner or tenant occupied, must be submitted on an OFPA Dwelling Application.